Should THL Mk.I do a tour **POLL**

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Should THL Mark I get together for a tour

THL Mk.Who? Whatchatalkinboutwillis?;
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NO NO NO!! - I don't like Reproduction or Travelogue at all, I only like THL Mk.II;
NO - too much water under the bridge, and there are some wounds you don't want to heal, the memories of something really good...;
YES - but only for a one-off tour with all 4 of them, and provided Susan and Joanne both agree with it and everyone promises to be nice afterwards;
YES YES YES!! - I only like Mk.I stuff and I don't care a jot about the potential repercussions for Mk.II;
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I refuse to answer for political reasons - consider my ballot paper spoiled;
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Yes! I mean, No! I mean... oh, I can't make up my mind, it's too hard. Is it raining? Ask me something harder. No, I meant easier. Doh!
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Re: Should THL Mk.I do a tour **POLL**

Postby Electric Dream » Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:18 am

crowbaby wrote: be nice afterwards AND Philip wears a lop-sided wig;
=D :lol:
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Re: Should THL Mk.I do a tour **POLL**

Postby Knowlesy » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:06 pm

My answer to JJ's question is no for the good reasons cited above by others. I agree with Electric Dream that performing the MK. I songs with the current band is the best and most realistic option. As innovative and striking as Adrian's slides were the current team of Rob, Simon and others would create brand-new visuals which would surpass anything seen before. It would be phenomenal.
Whether there's a one-off special tour and advertised as such, or MK.1 era songs included as a mini set of a conventional tour or more songs added to future set lists I've no doubt that the right songs would be a total success as BY, COD, ESH and Marianne have proved previously. Susan and Joanne were fans of the original band so I'm sure they would be keen for this to happen. The main man to convince, as always, is Philip. The more people that say to him how much they would love to hear those songs the greater the chance of it happening. Being Boiled gets a great reaction every time it's played live and as I referred to elsewhere recently Reproduction and Travelogue are second only to Dare for their lengthy chart runs in the UK albums chart. Hysteria and Crash are miles behind. Only a relatively small group of people got to hear the Mk. 1 era songs live. A lot more would love to get a chance to do the same.
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