RIP Pete Burns

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RIP Pete Burns

Postby Panzermensch » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:14 am

Very sad news :( I know he had his problems, but still shocked it was this bad.

Loved the first 3 albums (especially Youthquake), but it all went downhill from there when Lever and Percy left the band. Later albums had their rare moments of brilliance but was nowhere near in quality compared to the first ones. Always enjoyed his explosive vocal and was gutted when his collaboration with PSB fell through, would have loved to hear a full album with them.

One of my regrets is never to have seen Dead or Alive in concert, but they stopped touring with a proper band in the mid 80's so never really a posibility for me. Would have loved to hear them on the Youthquake tour. DOA live bootlegs are rare, but there is a Youthquake gig on youtube;

RIP Pete Burns
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