The Weirdest Thing!

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The Weirdest Thing!

Postby SubHuman » Thu May 21, 2015 1:34 pm

I've started this thread after something really weird happened!

Yer tis:

Been trying to put YouTube onto my TV for ages via a spare laptop. Initially using VGA, which is okay for the video but you have to listen through the laptop speakers or powered speaker setup. So I swopped laptops and fed the signal through an HDMI cable, this should have worked, yes but no audio through TV again. So I went into control panel audio settings, this showed audio through TV enabled but no go. Accidentally I turned the TV off and put it back on, hey presto audio now through TV. I've worked with electronics all my life and I'm used to it having a mind of its own but I still don't get this workaround. Needless to say I have to do this ritual every time after I've turned the laptop off?
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