Coaster checking in

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Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:26 am

Hi folks,

Just checking in with an intro post.

Been a fan for near 35 years - not just of THL but other music & eletronica too.

I began this post with music & life references to my journey getting here today it seems to have turned into an essay. Considering that somewhat rude as a first post from a newbie, my work in progress currently sits as a draft in my outlook account.

I was at Brighton Dome 2003 (good trip Phil) - great gig.

Having other interests, was suprised to randomly find myself with a rare spare hour & sufing internet for Human League content (for first time in recent years) only to happen to visit official site & see tour dates announced for 2016.....Now tempted to book a ticket when tickets go on sale later today.

Happy to share my music influenced journey to here later should anyone be remotely interested in my ramblings.

For now at least I need sleep (work in a few hours).

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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby crowbaby » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:20 am

Welcome Coaster! :)
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby cs15 » Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:41 am

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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Electric Dream » Fri Jan 29, 2016 11:56 am

Hello Coaster :)
Electric Dream
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Fri Jan 29, 2016 10:08 pm

Thanks for the welcome folks.....I freqent & am actively involved on other (non music) boards & very aware many newbies drop in say hi & then ignoe reponses.

On a positive note - at 9am today I bought my ticket for Brighton THL gig this coming December :)
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Murfy » Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:49 am

'allo Coaster :)

Many of the reprobates on here were at the 2003 Dome concert too - Share your memories and throw in your essay when you're ready.

Murf x
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:38 am

Essay a work in progress - almost bored myself to sleep late last night typing.

2003 Well I wasn't prior aware it was to be filmed & later released.

I was only lurking on secrets online back then so didn't post before or after.

Great atmosphere & recognised a few faces in pics put up online afterwards.

My memory may be poor but I seem to recall Phil may have had a bit of an early Madonna moment on stage (brief trip) albeit iirc it was a well recovered blink & miss it moment - hey...perhaps I just imagined it ;)

Think I knew most of tracks in that set list , (bar one or two). I have at one time or another owned originals of most (not all), albums going back to Reproduction.

I consider myself a proper fan of 35 years now but (probably like the band & some fans I am into other stuff too (music & non music). I guess its good for my sanity I don't have the bands entire music catalogue playing word perfect in my head on a near constant loop.......I will try to put some homework in before the forthcoming gig, (so I dont feel like a lost audience member on TOTP if a relatively less familar to me track is performed).

What I liked (& I am sure true fans did too), was that in 2003 I felt apart of something happening rather than just watching a band perform.

Looking forward to this & hope the trio & band have a good year (working &/or doing whatever they enjoy) before this gig in Brighton in December.

Must get sleep - busy day tomorrow & need to walk dogs in this not so lovely weather before I go to work.
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby SubHuman » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:53 pm

You sound like some of us Coaster.
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:35 am

Yikes ;) :)
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:07 pm

Well Murfy said an essay was acceptable.....Now completed.

Obviously I am here as a fan of THL but how the hell did I get here ???

Late 60's..........First memory - Apollo Moon Landing 1969 when I was around two (or at least what I thought was a moon landing). Can't remember much else tbh......Miracle I can remember anything now tbh !


Early childhood fan of Sci-Fi TV from Gerry Anderson, (music & sounds by Barry Gray apparently). As a 70's kid I liked Dr Who (when watchable with Pertwee & the infamous "Tom Baker"). Movies like Silent Running & 2001 Space Odyssey (both quite boring by todays standards) , made me sci-fi curious as did Spock & his mates......Sorry folks I dont dress up or go to Sci-Fi conventions ;)

Here are some other random 70's influences leading me to sci-fi & dance electronica......... (in no particular order).....

Jean Michel Jarre
Hot Gossip - Starship Trooper. (Took guts to admit that)
Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Moroder)
Boney M ,- Sunny (Funny guy with a beard - sadly since pased)
Beachboys - Good Vibrations ( sound moduliser I think)
Bowie - Sound & Vision (Wow)
The Old Grey Whistle Test (watched whilst pretending to be asleep).
Siouxsie & the Banshees
Stranglers qwith Martin Rushent (No More Heroes)
"Gordons Gin" advert...(Jeff Wayne)
War of the Worlds ( him again)
Fanfare for the common man (stock car racing anthem).
Sylvester (Makes Phil Oakey in 1981 look conventional)
Shaft ( film & Isacc Hayes song).
Carpenters (calling occupants)
Tommorows World (TV)
Saturday Night Fever
Quincy Jones - "Ai Na Corrida," (complex production back then)
M Pop Muzik
Video Killed tne Radio Star - Buggles (Trevor Horn)
Can you Feel the Force - The Real Thing ( or was that Coke?)
Space Magic Fly (Sampled by sclub thingies decades later)
Blakes 7 (Avon calling)
Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill gang.(more hip hop - than hip hop bee bop)
Time Tunnel with Doug & Tony.
Joe flippin' 90 ! (Its a puppet!)

I didn't buy a lot of music in the late 70's - I listened to a lot of it courtesy of older teenager I virtually knew as my half sister. I found a lot of mainstream 70's commercial music irrelevant taking zero interest in "The Bay City Rollers".....(What the hell was going on there ?)


Started 80's in my early teens....I spent many hours listening to Radio Luxembourg, growing up in a rural landscape where local live music was hillbilly village discos with mandatory violent aftermarth, (or country & western nights for the adults ! ) When Luxembourg signal was distorted into late hours I would occasionaly tune into John Peel who promoted early Human League & Altered Images (I confess to then having a very inoccent eye for Claire Grogan). I regret not listening to more Peel back in the day, (though even he indicated playing some crap alongside quality).

Dare ! ....As a 14 year old teenage lad packed away on a summer camp (initially unkown to me the group consisted mainly of disturbed young offenders - one of whom tried but failed to steal my Doc Martins at knifepoint). Anyway, there were two teenage girls on the summer camp & one of them had brought "Dare" along on audio cassette. I soon therafter went to HMV & bought a copy......A musical synth & production awakening.

Beyond Dare......(Having bought 12" single releases & the Love & Dancing LP), As a teenager it seemed a near lifetime waiting for the eseemingly ever delayed next album. (I was relatively into the band but others would have simply moved on). The Fascination EP eventually appeared.....In honesty I never liked the title track back then (the vocal arrangements seemed a bit all over the place with everyone seeming singing a line here & there. As a young guy with little money I couldn't justify the paying the price for Richard & Simon (Virgins) allegedly wanted.....I had also bought the single "Mirror Man" (picture disc - fanboy alert !) as I really liked the vocal arrangements on that. The band all looked great in that video & associated marketing pics....(Perhaps it was the highlights but I guess Claire Grogan may have had a tiny bit of competition).

At college I craved more electronic music & even had a sort of futurist look going on. Despite my genuinely skilled efforts with eyeliner (cringe) I failed to attract the attention of a stand out Numanoid girl there. A friend (girl) at college bought a Korg Poly 800...Aesome but a shame I couldn't read music. College introduced me to new people, their music tastes & reading the proper music press.(at school I had thought music press was solely Smash Hits magazine). I spent more time reading NME & Melody Maker in the library than I did studying. A fellow student told me about Travelogue & Reproduction.These & other albums were later bought.

Much as I liked THL in 80's I also listened to other stuff ....

Depeche Mode.
Trevor Horn with ABC.
New Order & Joy Division
Blanmanche ( must use spell check)
Soft Cell
Tears for Fears
Heaven 17
Classix Noveaux
Some Numan material.
FGTH (Trevor Horn Again).
Dead or Alive
Spandau Ballet - didnt like thrm but Tony has great voice & Instinction track stand out good.
Propoganda & some Art of Noise (did I mention Trevor Horn)
Luther Vandross
Alexandra O'Neal
Grandmaster Flash
Midnight Star

Guilty Pleasures.....

I confess to liking (not buying) a couple of Dollar tracks (Blame Trevor Horn).
Pat Benatar (Love is a Battlefield...Near always seen on MTV in bars).
Kids TV - Grange Hill ( Trivia - Dwane courted Claire with Human League tickets)
(Some) Five Star

On screen

Stand out teen TV - Network 7.....brilliant in the day.
80's Movies.....well that would need another thread. Road Warrior probably my favourite.

Stand out gig -
Bowie !

I am not dishing out BS so cannot claim to having vinyl album collections of all artists above.

Although Disco music received backlash in late 70's the musical influences developed from Jazz Funk Soul & Dance Music with various streetsounds & electro compliations broadening my liking of electronic based Dance Music. There were some dire offerings but there were some superb electronic Dance tunes in the 80's - I still prefer old skool rap to many modern offerings from gangsters bragging of packing things, smacking up things & other naughty nonsense.
By 18 I got a job next to a nightclub & found club life, albeit mainstream &/or soul/dance venues etc. Local nightlife & work influenced my now toned down appearance & widened my selection of musical genres........Electronic music was the interest form me by now over and above labelled sub/mini genres or images of artists. If I liked it I listened to it, bought it or danced to it. Paul Hardcastles 19 single caused me to buy that & an album which had funkier sounds as well as some yawn inducing ones. D-Train purchases followed.....brilliant production & energy even now.

By late 80's I was working in Nottingham for a few months. More clubs, more nights out, more of everything and not least Acid House Music.( I settled in time to miss the Ibiza scene, raves, all nighters & foam parties).There were were some shocking sounds amongst the gems but electronic music amongst us seemingly forever.

Enter the 90's - WTF is going on here ??? "Married with children !" I didn't turn into "AL Bundy" but I threw myself into my career & work sadly not spending as much quality time with my family as I woukdnhabe liked. I guess by now music took more of a back seat for me. My musical highlights were taking our girls to see shows & artists they liked. CD purchases were typically "NOW" albums, Steps or Spice Girls....I was outnumbered. I absolutely disliked & didn't get the whole Brit Pop Rock Oasis thing ! If I wanted to listen to Rock Music & guitars I could buy proper sounding music from Bon Jovi or well produced Sheffield sounds of Def Leppard ......the radio often turned off out of protest or to give me valued headspace ! Back Street Boys seemed naff back then but in hindsight some music better than some rubbish from the 90's.

00's - Into my 30's My Jamaroqui & Daft Punk phase littered with various lazy purchase Dave Pearce anthem CD collections & similar box sets of (electronic) dance music I seldom had chance to dance to. My Playstation One became of more intersting to me than mainstream popular music. Japanese soundtracks to games like Ridge Racer & Chemical Brothers on Wipeout all accompanied with bright and futuristic graphics & I didnt need to leave the house ! I did go to see THL live in 2003 as positively posted elsewhere by me :)

I seem to have lost some musical years somewhere along the way. Life can take over from our musical journey sometimes. Sometimes we need time out too. Daft Punk Get Lucky was a top track taken from an odd album. The movie Tron Legacy with Daft Punk soundtrack pretty viewed well some years back. La Roux early album was good. Jamiroquai filled some musical gaps adequately.

2016.......Music still features in my life,(as does work), but I like other stuff too including dog walking cycling & catching waves withna paddle. (I just about have a pulse). TOTP is dead & BBC can't show many old episodes due to certain allegations. MTV don't play many music videos, (What happened to Paul King & Ray Cokes ?). I now have multiple music tv channels at my disposal with lots of music.....some content is okay much of it isn't...... Compliation Albums, (guilty) illegal Downloads, (not guilty) greedy bosses. Dodgy contracts, & record companies (absolutely not guilty) have all allegedly destroyed the music industry & allegedly led to the erosion of the music industry & entertaining radio shows ....... "WXJL Tonight" ????? Hmm.

And today I sit here a relatively private person. Also a knackered one having spent the night awake comforting our, (now recovering) poorly dog.........Another, (rightful), life priority over following music closely.

I probably need to do some THL, (anthology), homework & revision before attending the next gig. I did dig out some old THL material & put it in the car last week but the CD changer died with my CD's stuck inside....Fixing this is on my list of things to do but not on my list of THINGS THAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF !

Like others some PAST events & accquaintances (good & not so good) influenced my journey. I hope the above isn't too boring - typing it has been a lengthy & reflective process....Thanks for letting me share some random life related musical influences & SECRETS.

Must go as scaring & boring myself at same time now. Well done to anyone who made it this far ;) :)
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby SubHuman » Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:53 am

Hi Coaster, it's funny how many people who really liked music as teenagers get side tracked by life and then drift back into music when the rat race starts to pall. In my case it was the realization that I was turning into the sort of boring old fart I swore that I'd never become when I was in my teens. It's a funny old world isn't it.
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Coaster » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi SubHuman.......Yes indeed we can get side tracked. As Humans many of us can become addicted to things, whether tv shows, music, hobbies etc...One addiction can lead to another, same goes with music whether dipping in and out of it or following bands.

In the 80's I never understood how some would snub or completely rubbish decent music tastes of recent old....I never did get that. I grew to appreciate other genres & bands but never rubbished where I had been. I guess some were keener on trends & images over the music.......Boredom or insecurity perhaps in some cases
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Re: Coaster checking in

Postby Stig Olsen » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:33 am

Coaster wrote:Newcleus
Hell yeah, totally overlooked band. This being on my all-time top 10 tracks:
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