favourite HL album tracks anyone???

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favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby sarah t » Tue May 16, 2017 10:31 am

How about this?

I was thinking naturally there has been talk/reviews in the media and here on the forum about the singles releases but what about favourite stand out tracks from each of the albums?

As thread starter I’ll have a go at this first…

‘Almost Medieval’ (from Reproduction, 1979)
I picked this as the lyrics are somewhat disturbing, and the music/sound design evocatively creepy. It is for me a perfect way to kick of this debut album with such a strong track as straight away it immediately establishes the groups unique and, for the time I think, innovative brand of music.

‘Dreams of Leaving’ (from Travelogue, 1980)
Plenty of likely candidates here but I ultimately went for this track as we go on such a descriptive journey of life in a harsh climate, echoing the front cover image perhaps. I love the shift in tempo mid way through as well.

‘Darkness’ (from Dare!, 1981)
With four tracks as singles (five if you include ‘Seconds’) there isn’t much else on offer when attempting to pick a favourite album track from the most widely known and commercially successful third release. However for me there is only really on choice I think with its cathedral like synth notes and crisp clear vocals for me a true timeless classic!

‘So Hurt’ (from Hysteria, 1984)
I guess this is probably the album that I play the least although there is such a positive message to the lyrics of this song delivered perfectly in synch with the music makes it one of the most memorable tracks here.

‘Are You Ever Coming Back?’ (from Crash, 1986)
With such an American feel permeating through most of the songs thanks to Jam and Lewis this track has the feel I most associate with the group. Lyrically tragic but delivered with passion matched to well paced synth laced atmospheric music makes it an album highlight for me.

‘The Stars Are Going Out’ (from Romantic?, 1990)
Lyrically this seems excellently structured and is complimented perfectly by the music.

‘House Full of Nothing’ (from Octopus, 1995)
I love it begins all hostile and threatening but then sweeps into a much more relaxed ambiance. Another appealing quality is the counterpointing of the harsh tone of Philip and the softer feel from Susan and Joanne as the song flows along. There are a couple of other album tracks that I could have picked, it was definitely very close but ultimately I am happy with my choice as to what is ultimately my favourite.

‘Shameless’ (from Secrets, 2001)
Great pace, synth notes and the counterpoint of Phil’s partially treated voice and Susan and Joanne’s soothing vocals.

‘Breaking the Chains’ (from Credo, 2011)
Confident and self assured with momentary distorting treatment of Phil’s vocals.

Admittedly Secrets and Credo it was a bit difficult to pin down a particular track as indeed was my reasons for picking said song... but at least I've got all the albums covered. How about you guys???
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sarah t
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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby DevinSpice » Tue May 16, 2017 7:00 pm

OK here's mine! (Fun idea, by the way!)
Reproduction: Blind Youth - this one is upbeat and energetic so it stands out a lot.
Travelogue: Dreams of Leaving - I like the different sections in this song and how it's like a little movie in a song form.
Dare: Do Or Die - I've always loved the instrumental break where it sounds like various synths are battling each other.
Hysteria: I Love You Too Much - really should have been a single.
Crash: Love on the Run - again, should have been a single, very strong group number.
Romantic: The Stars Are Going Out - I think most fans agree this could have been a successful single, but I also love "Men Are Dreamers"
Octopus: These are the Days - I never understood why this wasn't the follow-up single to "Tell Me When" I think it could have been great at least in the US at the time.
Secrets: Reflections - this is such a great, deep song.
Credo: Electric Shock - the lyrics are kind of mundane but I like the beat and the sound of this song.
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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby SubHuman » Wed May 17, 2017 12:15 am

Hi Sarah

I'm with you w.r.t. Almost Medieval from Reproduction.

On Travelogue I'd go for The Touchables.

On Dare there are so many but my vote goes to Seconds,

Hysteria would be The Sign.

On Crash I'd go for Love On The Run.

In the case of Romantic I'm with you again choosing The Stars Are Going Out.

On Octopus it would be Never Again.

Secrets I find quite difficult to make a choice but I'll go for Sin City.

And finally on Credo it would have to be Electric Shock.
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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby JJ » Wed May 17, 2017 9:36 am

Hmmmm... some of these are significantly harder than others. For me:

Reproduction - The Path of Least Resistance (but I also love YLTLF)

Travelogue - Crow & A Baby (but I also love TBHOS, DOL, WXJLT)

Dare! - TTTDAMO (but Do Or Die & Seconds a close, well, Second!)

Hysteria - I Love You Too Much (prefer this to the Fascination EP version, but also love So Hurt)

Crash - Party (always loved it)

Romantic? - A Doorway?

Octopus - Housefull of Nothing (but also love Words and TATD)

Secrets - Shameless (but NGYH a close second. As for the rest... nope.)

Credo - Get Together (now THAT was a toughie! I also love Egomaniac, Electric Shock, Privilege and Breaking the Chains)

Good thread, Sarah! :)
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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby cs15 » Wed May 17, 2017 6:06 pm

Very tough to choose just one but here goes....

Reproduction - Morale (Just stunning, moving, heartfelt & amazing).

Travelogue - Dreams Of Leaving

Dare - Things That Dreams Are Made Of

Hysteria - The Sign (Irish radio played this more than the singles at the time)

Crash - Love On The Run (major mistake not releasing this after Human)

Romantic? - The Stars Are Going Out (but Men Are Dreamers was almost picked)

Octopus - These Are The Days (Should have been a single!)

Secrets - So many. I adore this album. Put a gun to my head and I'd probably pick Reflections.

Credo - Hmmmm much easier choice. Probably Get Together

From PO&GM it would have to be Brand New Love (Take A Chance)
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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby negative1 » Thu May 18, 2017 12:19 am

cs15 wrote:Octopus - These Are The Days (Should have been a single!)

i didn't care for 'one man in my heart', but the fact that there were tons of mixes
of 'these are the days', and most of them were pretty good, is enough for me.

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Re: favourite HL album tracks anyone???

Postby Kevin Caywood » Tue May 23, 2017 3:45 am

As I've said on other links. This is just a current view of opinion. For this always changes by mood or lack of hearing...

Reproduction - Zero As A Limit
Travelogue - WXJL Tonight
Dare - Love Action
Hysteria - Betrayed
Crash - The Real Thing
romantic? Get It Right This Time
Octopus - Cruel Young Lover
Secrets - Shameless
Credo - Get Together

Talk to me; if you can find a common thread here...

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